In the present day world, because of its irreplaceable and multiple economical, scientific, social and environmental benefits, application of information communication technology (ICT) is dramatically increasing in all spheres of human activities, replacing manually done jobs. But ICT has little been used in Africa despite its immense potential for solving the multiple challenges facing the continent and to bring about economic and social transformations. Thus, there is a strong need for increased expansion and applications of ICT in Africa in order to speed up scientific, economic, social and cultural developments of the continent. For that matter, it can easily be predicted that with the current trend of rapid advances and applications of ICT in the world, let alone for spurring developments, even for their very survival, countries have to adopt and use this technology.

Education is one of the major sectors where ICT is highly applicable and important as it is the prime avenue (Key Road Map) to ensure real growth and sustainable development of any nation. Application of ICT in education can facilitate and strengthen conventional teaching and learning activities in schools, colleges, universities etc., increases access of people to education, enable   Africans citizens especially youths to familiarize  themselves with digital world, facilitate online peer group establishments and learning processes among African students from different countries, increase inclusive learning, stimulates innovations and creativities so on.

In line with the above background, we have developed and launched a web site based software application entitled www.Ethio-exam.com dedicated to contribute to promote and advance education among high school students of Ethiopia and among students in other African countries. As we have just launched this page, the service available currently is high school leaving national examination questions of several years and subjects which are categorized by grades, years and subjects. Thus, by exploring these features, students can select their grades then year followed by subject so that they can assess themselves by doing the exam questions online and checking his/her answers against the corresponding correct answers of each question that will be generated automatically online. This will ultimately help students to evaluate themselves regarding the levels of understanding and knowledge they have on a particular subject so that they can allocate more time and resources on those subjects they have deficiencies. Moreover, working on questions of previous examination online can help students get practical experience which will be important when they take national examination in the future. Especially it will help them to economize and adjust the time in accordance to the time allotted to start and finish examination questions of specified for each subject. However, we would like to bring to your attention that in the near future, we will broaden the service to include services such as E-learning, students-teachers interfaces, student peer grouping (student-student interface) etc.

to assist learning and teaching activities for high school students of students in Ethiopia in particular and students of Africa in general.

Ethio-Exam page is a non for profit online platform dedicated to contribute to promotion and advancing education in the junior secondary and high schools in Ethiopia as well as elsewhere in Africa through which each student will be able to assess him/herself regarding his/her understanding of a particular subject for example physics by doing on questions drawn from same subject online.

We are just launching the web site and thus, there is only limited service here. But this is only for the time but in the future we will broaden the page and include services such as E-learning packages, Student-Teacher interfaces etc.

Examination question of each subjects are categorized in groups containing 30 questions. Any interested student to work on question of a particular subject has to finish all 30 questions to see his final scores out of 30 as well as the correct answers of each question. The correct answers will be highlighted green where as the wrong answers will be highlighted red.

For students

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