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What is the molecule in plant cells that first captures the radiant energy from sunlight?


2. Of the following functions, which one do triglycerides accomplish in cells?


3. Which of the following laboratory glassware is used for culturing bacteria?


4. Of the following, which one is the main source from which plants get the nutrients necessary for their growth and development?


5. Which of the following is the correct sequence of the steps in scientific research?


6. Which of the following types of cancer is known to mostly develop in AIDS patients?


7. How many fatty acids would a cell need to form a molecule of triglyceride?


8. Which part of the human alimentary canal contains digestive enzymes that function at acidic pH?


9. Which of the following food types would most likely give a negative result upon addition of iodine solution?


10. Which process produces mRNA during protein synthesis?


11. What is the best term that expresses the movement of substance in cells against their concentration gradients?


12. In cell division, what is the phase that comes following the metaphase called?


13. Who was the person that first observed living cells moving around when he examined drops of water under the microscope?


14. Which of the following is true about gene mutation?


15. What is the circumstance that causes the health condition known as sickle-cell anaemia?


16. Based on similarity in number of amino acids found in hemoglobin, which one of the following animals has closer phylogenetic relations to human being?


17. In which of the following groups of living organisms do the cells lack organized nuclei?


18. Which of the following is the correct constitution of the sex chromosome of a normal women?


19. Which of the following is the correct constitution of the sex chromosome of a normal woman?


20. From which of the following does the O2 released during the process of photosynthesis originate?


21. What do you call structures that have the same evolutionary origin even though they may now have different structural make up or functions?


22. For what purpose do biologists use the GPS receiver?


23. Which of the following organisms usually forms the pioneer community in a primary biological succession?


24. In an experiment designed to study the effect of temperature on the rate of seed germination, which of the following should the experiment vary?


25. In the carbon cycle, which of the following processes removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere/


26. ‘’Rats can be produced by keeping rages and grains at a corner of a room;;. Which of the following line of thinking supports this statement?


27. What is the specific name of biological scientists who do research that tries to find evidence of life on other planets in the Solar System?


28. If two species are known to belong to same order, they must also belong to which taxonomic category?


29. What happens in the first reaction of the Krebs cycle during energy transformation?


30. Which one of the following events happened before all the others?


31. Under what conditions do C4 plants have more photosynthetic efficiency than C3 plants?


32. Which of the following is NOT a universal property of all living things?


33. In which area of enzyme application is invertase injected to sucrose paste in order to produced liquid chocolates?


34. Which one of the following functions best at higher optimum pH than all the rest?


35. Which class of enzymes joins two molecules together by formation of new bonds?


36. Which of the following has a bigger size than all the others?


37. How does a simple microscope differ from a compound microscope?


38. Which of the following industries can reduce more CO2 emission by shifting to the use of enzymes in the manufacturing process?


39. which of the following is made of globular proteins?


40. Which one of the following should be done in order to remove an enzyme inhibition caused by a competitive inhibitor?


41. Which of the following parts of the plant cell is NOT a living component of the cell?


42. What are the possible consequences of deforestation of the tropical rainforest?


43. Which of the following processes releases CO2 into the atmosphere?


44. If an area is dominated by just one species having very many individuals, what would be its index of diversity?


45. Which of the following is true about sex determination in birds?


46. How many acids are there in all know proteins?


47. Which of the following is the major mechanism by which AIDS I transmitted?


48. Which of the following molecules can serve as a raw material for industries that produce glucose?


49. In enzymes that contain non-proteins organic molecules, in addition to the protein component called?


50. To which one of the following classes of stimuli do pheromones belong?


51. Which of the following types of microscopes is most suitable for a detailed study of the surface structure of an object?


52. According to the fluid-mosaic modal of the plasma membrane, what does the word ‘mosaic’ refer to?


53. Which of the following diseases is correctly matched with its causative agent?


54. Which of the following organic compounds would release both nitrogen and sulfur to the ecosystem when decomposed?


55. Among the vertebrates found in Ethiopia, which class has the highest percentage of endemic species?


56. Which of the following terms refers to the movement of individuals out of a population?


57. Which of the following crosses will produce progeny with phenotypic ratio of 3:1?


58. What percentage of the F2 progeny of a monohybrid cross is expected to have the recessive phenotype?


59. Which of the following is NOT true about innate behaviors?


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