1. Which of the following is the function if thyroxin?


2. What do you call glands that produce secretion which are directly released to the blood stream?


3. Which of the following is a physical method of contraception?


4. Which of the following statements is correct about female genital mutilation (FGM)? It


5. Which of the following list is different from the rest in relation to the six classes of food?


6. Which of the following groups of food items is a good source of fats and oil?


7. A balanced diet is composed of


8. The blue color of dichlorophenol indopenol (DCPIP) reagent turned colorless upon addition to unknown food sample. This confirms that the unknown food sample is


9. Which of the following is part of the digestive system?


10. How does antiretroviral medicine help in the treatment of HIV/AIDS? It


11. What do you call the body’s ability to maintain normal function and stability?


12. What do you call animals which have body temperature that varies with the external temperature?


13. \Which of the following part of the body is different from the rest in relation to homeostasis?


14. Which of the following structures is part of a neuron?


15. What is the function of the axon of a nerve cell?


16. Which of the following is an example of reflex acion?


17. Which part of the eye regulates the size of the pupil?


18. What is the main function of spongy mesophyll? It


19. What is the role of chlorophyll in photosynthesis?


20. How does photosynthesis balance CO2 and O2 concentration in the atmosphere? By


21. Which of the following conditions demonstrates the effect of deforestation? Increase in


22. Which of the following structures increase surface area for absorption of water from the soil?


23. Professor Yalemetehay Mekonnen is a renowned biologist known for her contribution on:


24. The Ethiopian biological research institute which is conducting research on leprosy and other disease is


25. The ability of the microscope to separate two objects to each other is called.


26. Which of the following stains may be used to study only plant cells?


27. The cell theory states that cells


28. How is the water in the xylem transported upwards to the top of the plant?


29. Which of the following do you recommend to minimize the negative effect of transpiration in agriculture?


30. Which of the following plant hormones stimulates cell division?


31. Why is apical dominance removed when the growing tip is cut? Because the


32. Which of the following is a non-renewable resource?


33. Which of the following is a scientific name?


34. All microscope single-celled organisms that do have nucleus are grouped under kingdom


35. In which of the following divisions are evergreen seed plants that have cones grouped?


36. Which of the following organisms belongs to kingdom Monera?


37. Which of the following indicates the advantages of conserving natural resources?


38. Which of the following methods helps in biodiversity conservation?


39. Which of the following plants is endemic to Ethiopia?


40. Which of the following methods helps to conserve the vegetation of our country?


41. Which of the following National Parks contains endemic wildlife of Ethiopia such as Ethiopian wolf, walia ibex, and gelada baboon?


42. Which of the following is advisable with regard to the use of medicine?


43. Which of the following sexually transmitted diseases is caused by Haemphilus ducrey?


44. Which of the following diseases shows the symptom of an enlarged spleen and liver?


45. Classification of organisms into groups is useful because it helps to


46. Which of the following represents the correct use of the binomial nomenclature developed by Linnaeus?


47. Which of the following options indicates the correct pathway of the conversion of nitrogen (N2) into nitrates?


48. Which of the following is an adaptation by desert plants such as cacti to conserve water?


49. Which of the following is an adaptation by desert animals to lose excess heat?


50. Vaccines that help to protect the body from deadly diseases are produced from


51. A chemical agent that is applied on a living tissue to kill microorganisms is


52. Which of the following process required the activity of yeast?


53. In a petri dish used to grow microorganisms, agar is added


54. Which of the following is the most appropriate support that can be provided to people living HIV/AIDS (PLWHA)?


55. Which of the following takes place during image formation?


56. Which of the following defeacts is different from the rest?


57. If a person has problem of focusing the image behind the retina, which type of lens can be prescribed to correct the problem?


58. How are the sensory cells of the semicircular canals in the inner ear stimulated to initiate a nerve impulse? They are stimulated by


59. What do you call structures which produce secretions that have an effect on other parts of the body?


60. According to Mendel’s law of inheritance, round seeds ® are dominat over wrinkled seeds®. Which of the following proportions will be obtained in the Fl generation if homozygote parents with round (RR) and wrinkled (rr) seeds are breed?


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